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Release Inherited Family Patterns with Johanna Lynn

  • Integrative Healing & Yoga (map)

Releasing Inherited Family Patterns

Sat, Oct 20th & Sun, Oct 21st 10:00 a.m – 6:00 p.m
Cost: $297
Save: Bring a friend and save $20

Your Shortcut to a Life Well Lived  

  • Have You Grown Tired of the Same Arguments?
  • Have Depression, Anxiety or Sadness become more familiar than you would like to solve it ? 
  • Are You having a hard time letting go or forgiving ?
  • Do You notice yourself repeating the same patterns?
  • Living with uncertainty or worry with your finances?
  • Are You frustrated because you still have the symptoms … even after everything you’ve tried?

In this workshop we will explore:

*️⃣ 70% of repetitive conflicts between a couple come from the family of origin.
*️⃣Your relationship with your body is shaped by the 1st relationships in your life.
*️⃣ Thriving financially depends on what remains unresolved in your family
*️⃣ Your earliest experiences as a child create the blueprint for everything you do. Everything.

Solutions for All that is Essential in Life

Free Yourself from the Patterns that Tangle Up Your Life

“I just want to take a moment to thank you. Your workshop, Saturday afternoon was in many ways incredible, inspirational, and life changing. I could go on about the effects of your work but I will keep it short. A man of many frustrating relationships, you have given me many of the unanswered questions that I have been left with over the years, and the closure that I have never gotten. Most importantly you helped me understand my family dynamic that I have spent hours upon hours and too much energy on trying to understand. Having a better idea now, of my relationship with my mother has left me refreshed, given me a better understanding of myself, better equipped and certainly more confident entering into future relationships. Thank you.”