Heather Klassen


Reiki Master, Organic Facials, 200 Hour RYT Certified

Heather offers Angelic Reiki sessions, connecting with your angels to heal as she is sending Reiki energy through her clients. This technique clears energy chakras and sends healing energy where it is needed in the body for relaxation, healing emotions & physical ailments.  Heather also performs channeling sessions with clients wishing to connect with loved ones who have passed on.  Heather can relay messages to you for healing emotional wounds and resolve underlying issues, helping the clients find peace.

Organic Facials are chemical-free, botanical products, using ancient tools & practices to leave your skin glowing!!! Book your session with Heather & feel your confident in your best skin.

Reiki: $75 for a 1 hour session

Facials: $70 for 1 hour session, includes massage, gua sha treatment, kansa wand, & complete facial

Contact Heather to book your session 519-325-9617 -or- heathersreiki@gmail.com