Jem Aesthetics

GlamOrganic Medical Spa, offering natural beauty solutions, Organic Facials using holistic techniques

Being expertly trained in esthetics wasn't enough! We've enlisted the best professionals to create a unique spa brand that is green beauty and natural!

We are skin care specialists focused on the healing side of beauty.  With integrating chemical-free, botanical products, ancient modalities and modern skin ideals, we focus on nurturing your skin and protecting the integrity of your health; mind, body and soul.  We achieve unmatched results by infusing healing energy through Reiki, crystals and intention.  Jem GlamOrganic Medical Spa stands apart from any other spa experience in Windsor/Essex County.

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Organic and Holistic Facial Treatments

Gua Sha Facial Massage

Kansa Wand Face Massage

Facial Cupping Massage

1.5hr Organic Bespoke Facial & Massage

1.25hr Organic Bespoke Facial & Massage

1hr Organic Facial & Massage

Teen Facial




1h 30min

1h 15min











Erika Atkinson

Our skin therapist, Erika will be offering unique, organic, and holistic facial treatments in house, Wednesday through Friday 10am to 5pm.  

Hi I am Erika! 
I am so excited to be a part of the Integrative Family with Jem Glamorganic Medical Spa.  It has always been a passion of mine to create an experience for people. With many years climbing the ladder in the service based industry as a Banquet Manager, I listened to my soul ache and aligned to fulling my true passion to the next level by studying with Jem Aesthetics Academy. I started with Makeup Artistry and truly felt inspired to learn more of the holistic skincare therapies and started immediately.  I felt right at home and it totally clicked.  The process of aligning to this path has opened up so many growth opportunities for me and my beautiful daughter Zoey!  I love reading books, writing, and am a total foodie!  My favourite service to provide is our Kansa Wand massage because I love to talk about the skin detox (not to mention the lifting) effects it has on the skin! I hope to soon complete my journey of wholeness by learning Reiki!  I absolutely am so excited to grow here through this journey of self love and self care! I can’t wait to treat you all!