Santo Cozzolino

Certified Healing Codes Practitioner

The Healing Codes, discovered by Dr. Alexander Loyd, are a powerful self-healing method that helps your body consistently and predictably remove the primary cause of illness and disease: Stress.  Practicing The Healing Codes activates your body’s natural healing centers in order to identify and heal negative cellular memories that shut down your immune system and keep you from optimal health.  Using a combination of physical techniques activating healing centers on the head and prayer/mediation practices, The Healing Codes have helped thousands of people all over the world correct physical, emotional, relational and success issues.

Healing Code Session. In these in person sessions, we will develop a custom healing code for the issue you would like to work on.  You will use the Healing Code given to you on yourself over a period of 1-3 weeks or until you feel a shift.  We'll also walk through the healing code that gets developed for you and discuss what you experience.

1 - 30 Minute Session : $75

Each Sessions includes:

  • Personal Custom Code
  • Protocol for use
  • Testing for Earlier Memories
  • Reprogramming Statements Integration
  • Love Code Integration
  • Halo Testing

About Santo Cozzolino

My whole life, I wanted to find ways to help people live their best life.  In 2009 when I ran into my own personal struggles, I tried to learn everything I could about psychology, metacognition, self-healing, self-awareness as well as health, success and relational principles.  After reading countless books and listening to hours of audio programs, I finally found something that changed my life and has consistently & predictably done so for thousands of others around the world. My hope is that these tools and principles help you live your very best life.

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