Integrative Healing & Yoga teaches & practices mindful Yoga, focused on self observation with no judgement.  We are proud & dedicated to using Yoga as a therapy with our talented team of experienced & diverse Yoga teachers.  Get on your mat and learn the healing power of your breath and proper alignment for self awareness.

~ Beginner to all levels ~ Reiki Yoga ~ Yin Yoga ~ Restorative Yoga ~ Therapeutic Chair Yoga ~ Gentle Seated & Reclined Yoga ~ Private & Corporate Yoga ~ Prenatal ~


Mindfulness Meditation classes focus on the breath, deep relaxation, body awareness and present moment awareness. Enjoy the benefits of meditation, reduce stress and anxiety, strengthen your immune system, calm your mind of ongoing mental chatter, and bring peacefulness to your world.

Patricia White, Mindfulness Meditation Teacher

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Counselling is a unique, one-to-one relationship between two people who agree to meet privately and regularly for a period of time with the aim of restoring emotional well-being to the client. It is different from any other relationship as it is focussed 100% on the client. It allows you a safe place to be yourself and to say what you truly feel in confidence without fear of judgment, criticism or unwanted advice. 

Amy Mullins, Registered Social Worker & Reiki Master