Yoga For Everyone, Try It, You'll Love It!!!

Class Descriptions

Align & Flow

A movement based class focused on accurate body positioning for safety in each pose. You will experience holding poses & flowing from pose to pose.

Level 1 - Beginner to Intermediate

Level 2 - Intermediate to Advanced

Yoga Basics

Beginner Learn foundations of Yoga poses & Yoga breathing. If you have never done a Yoga class, this is the class for you!

Practice with Intention

Beginner Each week Simone will design the class around a specific theme, whether it be body, emotion or breath focus. Similar to Align & Flow, great for beginners or anyone looking to learn MORE!

Restorative Yoga

For Everyone Composed of minimal poses supported by props, allowing you to completely relax, rest & rejuvenate. Poses are held 10-20 minutes each, including light twists, seated forward folds & gentle back bends. If you like relaxing, this is the class for you!

Yin Yoga

Beginner A gentle style of Yoga where you hold poses for approx. 3-5 minutes, to access deep layers of fascia & muscle stretching. Work within your edge to find deep healing.

Chair Yoga

Beginner & Therapeutic Receive all the benefits of a normal Yoga class with the assistance of a chair. This therapeutic class is designed for students with limited mobility or those looking to refine their alignment & breath practice.

Gentle Seated & Reclined Therapeutic

Beginner & Therapeutic A therapeutic based class is designed for those looking for a more relaxing experience, all while seated or reclined. Experience more stretching & core strengthening with Kelly.

Reiki Yoga

For Everyone The ULTIMATE relaxation experience!!! Yoga class will be restorative, while incorporating the healing energy of Reiki throughout the class for deep healing and relaxation. Get all the benefits of Yoga and Reiki in one class!

Yoga Pricing

Try it you'll love it drop in $15

10 Class Pass $110

Monthly Unlimited 6mo Commitment $65

Monthly Unlimited $75 (no commitment) 

All items plus 13% HST

Special Offers

Copy of Summer Yoga Specials.jpg

Yoga & Reiki

$100 +hst includes 60min Reiki Session & 1 Month Unlimited Yoga* -or- 60min Private Yoga

Float & Yoga/Reiki

$100 +hst includes 60min Float & choice of 60 min Energy Healing Session -or- 1 Month Unlimited Yoga -or- 60min Private Yoga*

*New students only, 1 redemption per client

Private Sessions Available

Contact Brandi Rivait for more information regarding all Private sessions, 519-567-8841

Corporate Yoga

Do you own a business & would like to share the benefits of Yoga to your employees?! We can come to YOU! Team building or weekly classes, we can design classes & packages based on your specific needs. Contact Brandi for pricing

Prenatal Yoga

Contact Brandi for more information

Private In Studio Yoga

1-on-1 Sessions where Brandi designs classes around your needs & requests.

$75 in house

Private Yoga

Between $85-$115 depending on location