Yoga Teachers

Brandi Rivait

Passionate and delighted to share the powerful, transformational gifts of yoga and energy healing. She is a fun-loving, strong, and knowledgable teacher. Her yoga classes are deeply focused on accurate alignment, importance of breath, and mindful movements through flow. Her classroom is intimate so that students have one on one attention, but in a group setting.


Charmaine Phillips

Charmaine loves spreading the joy Yoga has brought into her life.  The physical practice brought Charmaine to Yoga, only to discover the amazing mental benefits.  Battling anxiety and depression most of her life, she felt a huge shift toward mental calmness and clarity.  Join her heart centred & alignment based classes!

Align & Flow Level 1 Mondays 10am

Chair Yoga Tuesdays 930am


Simone Reaume Hayes

Simone has been servicing yoga to our community for over 14 years. We are SO excited to have her with her expansive knowledge of yoga for children and youth, seniors, prenatal and Yin!  

Yin Yoga Wednesdays 6pm

Align & Flow Level 2 Thursdays 6pm


Kelly Cowan

I am Individualist, Nature-lover, Yoga Teacher, Holistic Energy Practitioner and Group Meditation Facilitator.  My passion has always been to share what I know. When yoga brought relief to my chronic back and neck pain, I had to share it with everyone and so I became a certified yoga instructor. Each time a new healing modality rocked my world, I dove in head first - EFT, Reiki, Bach Flower Remedies and Groove to name a few.

Therapeutic Seated & Reclined Thursdays 930am

Sharon S.jpg

Sharon Seslijia

Sharon has been practicing yoga for the last 11 years, taking her first class when she was 50 years old. Simone Reaume - Hayes was her first yoga teacher! Sharon began yoga as a way of coping with burnout from years of weight training and a highly stressful job. She has participated in many styles of yoga (Ashtanga, yin, vinyasa flow) and became a certified yoga teacher in 2015. Her current passion is Iyengar yoga, which emphasizes correct alignment and the use of props to assist all bodies to experience the health benefits of the asanas while minimizing the risk of injury. For the past 2 years, Sharon has been teaching a karma Chair Yoga class for mature women, re-introducing them to the joy of movement. She has a strong home practice and is also focusing on living a yogic life on and off the mat.

Align & Flow Level 2 Saturday 9am


Noelle Lambier

Yoga is for everyone!  If you have ever been curious about yoga come learn the basics with me, Monday’s from 6-7!  I will be breaking down the foundations of yoga:

  • Safe and proper alignment when moving and moving into stillness 

  • Breath practice and synching with movement 

  • Always listening to your body, coming out of poses when needed, practicing finding your edge but not going over. 

I am always amazed at how these practices help me with everyday life and not just on the mat!  I am so looking forward to teaching, flowing, and feeling excellent with you all!  Namaste, Love & Light! 

Yoga Basics for Beginners Mondays 6pm


Yasmin Moncrieffe

The promotion and maintenance of an active, well-balanced, and holistic way of living remains a top priority for me.

I teach using an approach that fosters thought and meaning through mindfulness, encouraging each student to experience and explore the powerful scope of healing through yoga for themselves both on and off their mats.

As a lifelong learner and creative, I can’t wait ride the wave of peace of mind and wellness with you all!!!

Align & Flow Level 1 Tuesdays 530pm

Align & Flow Level 1 Fridays 11am


Wendi Evon

Wendi fell in love with the powerful, flowing movements of vinyasa and began a daily practice. It wasn’t long before she decided to do formal training to teach and complete the Teacher Training Program in 2013. She has taken part in various workshops and retreats to further not only her own practice but her teaching practice. She likes to continue to her own personal development and empower others to do so as well. In her spare time she likes to training to run half marathons, and spending time with her dogs and her family. She looks forward to sharing her journey with you!

Align & Flow Level 1/2 Wednesdays 930am


Elena Childs

My name is Elena, “El”, for short! With a focus on breathing and stretching, I consider my classes gentle, un-intimidating and relaxing.  I have taught piano most of my life and find that yoga is the perfect vein to use the therapy music brings to body and mind.  Since I love what I do, I enjoy sharing what I’ve learned with everyone.

I love to use an acronym for yoga as such; “Your Own Greatness Affirmed!”


Occasional Sightings

Suzanne Howell

Suzanne Howell


Jennifer Grbevski